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VANDERHEK provides validated questionnaires in:

Work and Stress

The changing world of work is making increased demands on workers; downsizing and outsourcing, the greater need for flexibility, increasing use of temporary contracts, increased job insecurity, higher workloads and more pressure, and poor work-life balance are all factors which contribute to work-related stress. Studies suggest that stress is a factor in between 50% and 60% of all lost working days. This represents a huge cost in terms of both human distress and impaired economic performance. Mapping and addressing stress is worthwhile: read more in the brochure Work and Stress and the articles Work Experience Profile (individual scan) and Work Experience Scan (organization scan).


Team Development

Teams determine to a great extent the quality of service and thus customer satisfaction. Without teamwork no organization! Visualize the team motivation and offer your team the opportunity to develop. This not only strengthens your team, but also enhances the possibility for your organization to achieve the organization targets. Read more in the brochure and article TeamDeveloper.



Only when a leader can understand his/her personality and core-themes, which play a decisive role in relation to others, development and behavior of his/her leadership is expected.This view of leadership transcends thinking in skills. Read more in the brochures Interpersonal Style Profile and Leadership and Board Reality Questionnaire and the article Interpersonal Style Profile.

All the questionnaires are based on scientific research, developed from the needs of an organization and in collaboration with practitioners. The reports are clearly formulated.

In-house VANDERHEK cares for a continous quality and further development of these questionnaires and reports.


VANDERHEK can also assist you with the development of customized tools, online publication of your own questionnaire and coaching opportunities.

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